Why Green Tea?

  • Reduced risk for cancer
  • Promotion of healthy bones and teeth
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Slowing the effects of aging
  • Relieving arthritis pain
  • Decreased risk for heart disease

Why Green Tea Hawaii?

Green Tea Hawaii gives you all the health benefits of green tea, but with less than one gram of sugar in each serving. Enjoy the long lasting energy without the inevitable sugar crash.

Change Starts Now with Hawaiian Green Tea

Great Energy Boost with Stevia. Get all the Benefits of Green Tea Extract in an assortment of tropical flavors.



Hydroflasks Limited Edition and Standard Colors

Hard to find and discontinued Flasks, Lids and Colors in Stock. HydroFlask Compliments your daily Green Tea Hawaii pack wonderfully. Keep your liquids ice cold for 24 hours, and your hot liquids hot for 12 hours. Get your Hydro Flask water bottle now and see why it’s the best bottle you’ll ever own. The HydroFlask is available in 12-32 oz bottles in both narrow or standard mouth sizes.


Organic Noni

Cool and Soothing lotion for Recovery and Relief. Apply to affected areas. Effective for muscle, musculature and joint strains.

If You Have a Favorite Flavor, Get $20 Off Each Green Tea Hawaii Box and Free Shipping with a Monthly Recurring Subscription

Enjoy Free Shipping With Monthly Autoshipments!

Green Tea Hawaii

Are you trying to find a refreshing alternative to sports drinks, detox teas, high sugar juices and soda? Here’s what you can do. Try Green Tea Hawaii for 30 days and refresh with a stevia based bold tropical fruit flavors and high antioxidant benefits of green tea extract combined.

If you find any improvement in weight loss, energy, vitality, skin health, our recurring monthly subscription plan special offers each Green Tea Hawaii box for $20 off regular price. Mahalo

Our Friendly Family Ohana and Staff are here to assist you personally

Come and visit our booth at Aloha Stadium Swap Meet every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, 8:00am to 3:00pm and try free samples of our Green Tea Hawaii. Let us assist you personally in selecting your favorite flavor and hydro flasks for you or as gifts for your friends, family and associates.