Green Tea Hawaii Packs

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Green Tea Hawaii Variety Box


Our variety box includes:

20 individual servings of Original

20 individual servings of Pineapple Strawberry

& 20 individual servings of Raspberry Lemonade

Green Tea Hawaii Pomegranate Mango Flavor


60 individual servings of greenteaHAWAII’s Pomegranate Mango flavor! Green Tea Hawaii Reduces Appetite by 15- 20%. Get the health benefits of green tea Catechin antioxidants, Increases Metabolism, Boosts Healthy Energy Levels, Reduces Body Fat with a low sugar content, promotes Weight loss and Healthy alternative to sports drinks, soda, slimming teas, juices and detox teas.

Green Tea Hawaii Coconut Energy


60 individual servings of Coconut Energy

  • Packed with Electrolytes
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Digestion and Helps with Weight Loss
  • Zero Calories – Zero Carbs – Zero Sugars